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Hip Flexor Release Program

$77 - One-off Payment
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GET THE MOST: out of the programs with having a one-on-one video assessment call with me. Take the GUESS WORK out and know exactly what you should be doing and how. During this HOUR long call I will check your alignment, breathing and TVA engagement. We will go through a series of test and I will direct you with which exercises and programs to start with so you get the MOST out of the programs. Normally $60 but if you book right now ONLY $50

Order Summary
Dynamically Updated
Here's What You'll Get:
  • 2 Base Hip Flexor Programs: you choose your base program depending on your posture test
  • Intermediate Diastasis Core Program
  • Advanced Diastasis Core Program
  • App Access to your programs
  • 3 week meal plan : Both vegan and non-vegan
  • 3 HIIT workouts : Diastasis Safe
  • Weights Program : A posture improving weights program
  • A Private Facebook GroupĀ 

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